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Specifications for Rapid 316 Stainless Steel Clamps

Spcifications                               ApprovalMark - WaterMark

Grade of stainless steel, Type 316. Fully passivated after welding, to restore the original passive state of the 316 stainless steel.

LOCKING WASHER PLATE: Locks into position for easy tightening of nuts.
LUGS: MIG-welded to receiver bar and fully passivated after welding. Leading edge is rounded to prevent them from catching bolt bars during installation.
SHELL: 2B finish.
BOLTS: Thread-rolled for strength and coated to prevent galling. Bolts are MIG-welded to the receiver bar and fully passivated after welding.
NUTS/WASHERS: Type 316 stainless steel.
RECEIVER BARS: TIG-welded to shell to form a strong fusion, and fully passivated after welding.
GASKET: Nitrile rubber is specially formulated for water service incorporating antioxidant agents to increase shelf life. All gaskets have a gridded design, tapered ends and vulcanized armour plates for easy installation and optimum sealing efficiency. Nitrile rubber is available on request.
ARMOUR: Heavy gauge 316 stainless steel vulcanized into the gasket at the time of moulding.
TAPPINGS: Type 316 stainless steel, BSP parallel threaded socket.
FLANGES: Type 316 stainless steel, drilled to table ‘D’.
(Specifications are subject to change without notice). GENERAL INFORMATION


  1. 150mm & 200mm length clamps, 2 x M12 bolts up to OD 104mm, M16 bolts per part OD 105mm and larger.
  2. 300mm length clamps 3 x M16 bolts per part up to OD 249mm, 4 x M16 bolts per part OD 250mm and larger.
  3. 400mm length clamps 4 x M16 bolts per size op to OD 249mm, 5 x M16 bolts per part OD 250mm and larger.
  4. 600mm length clamps 6 x M12 bolts up to OD 104mm, 6 x M16 bolts per part up to OD 249mm, 8 x M16 bolts 250mm and larger
Recommended pressure ratings:
  1. Clamps to suit pipes above DN50mm - 350mm nominal size = 1.6 MPa.*
  2. Clamps to suit pipes above DN375mm - 600mm nominal size = 1.2 MPa.*
  3. Clamps to suit pipes above DN625mm - 900mm nominal size = 0.8 MPa.*
  4. Clamps to suit pipes above DN925mm - 1200mm nominal size = 0.6 MPa.*
Maximum Temperature: 0 - 60 degrees C.*
  1. The amount of pressure that a full circle repair clamp will contain is proportionate to the diameter of the pipe being repaired and the amount of torque applied to the bolts. Smaller diameter repair clamps will contain higher pressure than larger diameter repair clamps. Cleaning and lubricating pipe/gasket, will reduce friction between the pipe surface and sealing gasket, creating a better seal. Use soapy water or pipe lubricate.
  2. The pressure containing capability of a repair clamp is influenced by the pipe size, the type and extent of damage to the pipe, environment and service conditions and installation workmanship.
  3. Recommended Clamp lengths: The general recommendation is that the clamp length should be twice the pipe diameter. The clamp length should not be less than the diameter of the pipe.
    (a) In the case of longitudinal damage, we recommend a clamp length equal to 4 times the length of the damage section of the pipe.
    (b) Where a large section of the pipe wall is broken away, a section of thin gauge sheet metal should be placed over the opening to provide a sealing surface for the gasket.
  4. Stainless Steel Repair Clamps do not restrain axial pipe movement.
    (Suitable anchorage must be provided where pipe movement may occur.)
* Pressure ratings may vary due to pipe condition and type. Refer to AS4181-1999. Not recommended for low stiffness factor pipes below SN7500. Re-tension clamp at Max. operating temp. AS4181:2013 up to and including DN350mm clamps.